Arlene's breeding program has retired.  For more information contact Melody Rainwater.

Puppies located in Mineral Wells, Texas.

Puppies in Boerne, Texas call Kelly Cody 830-445-6574

Puppies located in Dhanis, Texas call Melissa Gonzales  830-363-2243




"Please call between 6 PM and 9 PM during the week or between NOON and 9 PM on weekends and holidays."





Scarbrough Fair Has a New Internship Program!


       Work for credits toward the purchase of a pup.

       Learn how to become a responsible, professional breeder.


If you’re interested call Arlene between 6 and 9 PM Eastern Standard Time at


Puppy and Breeder Information

       About the Breeder, Including Credentials

       Policy Changes

       Contact Time & Number


       Next Litter Due and Litters Per Year

       Deposit Policy

       Colors in Harlequin Litters



       Shipping Policy

       You and Pup at Pick Up

       Puppy Sire and Dam

       Litter & Individual Puppy Pictures

About the Breeder, Including Credentials

My name is Arlene Scarbrough, and I’ve been breeding harlequins, blacks, mantles, and merles since 1970.  I started importing in 1989 and have brought in well over 20 danes, mostly from Barbara Rettig at Liberte Danes in Germany.  I’ve also brought in a few from Tribeca Danes in Hungary.

I am a trainer; a vet tech; a retired canine behavior specialist, as well as a professional breeder.  All telephone consulting needed by buyers is provided at no charge.  My phone number has been the same since 1978.  I am always there for you if you need help, morale support, or just want to talk danes.

 Policy Changes

Time marches on, and I am now a legitimate senior citizen.  In order to continue breeding, I  have to plan around my other two businesses and my general physical abilities.  Many of the policies at Scarbrough Fair Danes are being changed to accommodate my age and schedule.  Please read the information provided on this page before calling.

Contact Times and Number

I like to relax and not have to rush through puppy calls.  I own and operate an insulation accessories business during the day.  My customers generally call in their orders, so I can not be on extended dog calls before 6 PM.  Unless your call concerns a life or death dog emergency, please call between 6 PM and 9 PM, Atlanta time (Eastern), during the week or between NOON and 9 PM on weekends and holidays.  The number is 404-378-2203.  Please do not assume it is ok to make an exception to the calling times.  If my answering machine picks up, please leave your name, phone number and state, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can email me at at any time.  Please make sure to put something about dane pups in the subject line.  I have three websites and get hundreds of emails.  I want to insure that you do not get accidentally deleted.  I answer ALL of my emails, generally within 24 hours.

I prefer to place ALL of my pups in approved PET homes.  There is no need for people looking for a pet to be nervous about calling.  For folks either in Atlanta or driving through Atlanta, I show the danes every Saturday, by appointment.  You simply call the Thursday or Friday before the Saturday you want to come out.  If you are out of town and would like to make an appointment for a weekday, just give me a call a few days in advance.



We guarantee against hip dysplasia for life!

We guarantee against enlarged hearts for 7 years!

We guarantee general health!

We guarantee temperament!

Scarbrough Fair’s Danes average life span is 10-13 years!


       Scarbrough Fair pups always have the appropriate shots and wormings for their age when picked up.

       Scarbrough Fair pups are heavily socialized before pick up.

       Scarbrough Fair  pups walk on a lead at pick up.

       Scarbrough Fair pups house training is either in progress or completed at time of pick up.

       Scarbrough Fair pups obedience training is under way at time of pick up.

       Both parents are on site and can be petted at time of pick up.


Next Litter Due Date & Number of Litters Per Year


In the future, because of my physical limitations, I plan to have two litters a year.  Three is way too hard on me.


Deposit Policy


I have changed my deposit policy and my waiting list policy.  Maintaining a waiting list is generally a real time drain and is also not very productive.  People don’t like waiting.  If you are very serious about wanting a Scarbrough Fair Dane pup and are prepared to place a non refundable deposit, I will add you to my waiting list.   You can specify the desired time for you’d like your pup, and I will call you with the closest litter.  The deposit for harlequins is $500.  The deposit for any other color is $300.  A deposit can be made using a check, cash, Visa, Mastercard, or Discover, but will only be accepted after either a telephone interview or a visit during which you outline your requirements for a pup in terms of sex, color, and activity level. 

Once I have a confirmed pregnancy, I will accept non refundable deposits for pups expected in that specific litter.  Puppy selection will be in order of receipt of deposits. 

Should I not have a pup that fits your sex and color requirements, as well as the temperament requirements I feel are appropriate for you and your  situation, I can either roll your deposit over to the next litter or refund it.  This is the only circumstance that warrants the refund of a deposit. You select the option that is best for you.

Colors in Harlequin Litters

I have provided three pages of pictures and narrative about the many colors that can come from breeding harlequins.  Please click on Colors in Harlequin Litters to go to that information.  Should the link fail, the prompt for color information is on the home page in the center of the page just under Scarbrough Fair Great Danes.  Please be sure to look at the pictures on all three pages.  They are all Scarbrough Fair Danes.  Harlequins are the most expensive color in danes, but if you just like spots, many of the mismarks on page 3 are quite attractive and have spots.  Mismarks are the least expensive of the colors.  I never cross color breed.  I only breed harls to harls, blacks, merles or mantles, but still wind up with some interesting surprises.  Check out the pictures.


I have provided several pages of pictures and narrative about the temperament of this wonderful breed.  Please click on Temperament to go to that information.  Should the link fail, the prompt for temperament information is on the home page in the center of the page just under Scarbrough Fair Great Danes just next to Harlequin Colors.  All the danes in this section are Scarbrough Fair Danes.




Pet prices vary widely depending on color.  Pets are always sold with AKC’s limited registration papers provided upon receipt of proof of neutering (at the appropriate age, as defined by Scarbrough Fair Danes) from the buyer’s veterinarian.  If  we have a mostly white deaf pup available, the pup is  put into a very special home at no charge.

Mismarks and mantles to approved homes generally range from around $1,200 to $2,000…..harlequins are more.  Previous buyers get a discount, and folks purchasing a pair get a discount.

Some folks like to make payments while the pup is young, so that it is paid for before they pick up.  That is fine.  Whatever balance is due at pick up must be paid in CASH….no checks or credit cards at pick up!


Shipping Policy


It is so important for you to personally meet the breeder of your pup, to see where your pup comes from, and to interact with your pup’s parents, that we will only ship pups the first week that they are able to go into their new home (8 weeks).  You can fly in with a soft-sided carry on and fly back with the pup in the passenger cabin with you.  After that first week, the pups are too large to fit into  airline approved soft-sided carry on, so you must drive in to pick up.


Folks, you can not expect a pup who has never spent 5 minutes by itself to do well when it has left its litter mates, parents, and care giver, been put into a box, then thrown into a cargo hole, and now needs to pottie to end an airline trip happy, relaxed and well adjusted.  Shipping is extremely traumatic and hard on pups.  We will only ship when the pup can fly in the passenger area with its’ new parent.


This is a drive that you should only have to make once every 10 or 12 years. You will learn so much when you are here, that the trip will be worth the short term inconvenience.  It’s a true learning experience that you should get excited about.


You and Pup at Pick Up


Our pick ups generally run about 3 hours.  First, you get a tour of the entire kennel.  Then once we chat a few minutes, we go over the general care instructions; medical sheet (lists contact info for at least two of Scarbrough Fair’s vets), detailing shots and wormings; ways to void our guarantee, and your bill of sale.  I answer all the questions that you have brought with you plus any new ones you come up with once you are actually here.

The last part of the pick up is with you and your puppy.  I teach you how to finalize your pup’s house training.  After that, I teach you how to work with your pup for 15 minutes a day, so that, at the end of a week to 10 days, your pup will know how to sit, come, heel, stay and drop (lay down) on command.  The only tool you need for this training is several boxes of mini Vanilla Wafers.  It’s fun for both you and your pup and helps you avoid having an uncontrollable giant breed pup.  Our pups generally run close to 100 pounds by the time they are 6 months of age.  They need to be trained early…..the 6-10 week window is perfect.




Pet folks are certainly encouraged to visit.  WE LOVE PET PEOPLE.  Just call the Thursday or Friday before the Saturday you'd like to come out to get directions and a time.




Before calling please read the information displayed below.

No calls BEFORE 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time during the weekdays.

Monday through Friday, after 6:00PM to 9:00PM, Atlanta, Ga. time. On the weekends between noon and 10:00PM. reasonable time 404-378-2203

We show our Danes every Saturday, by appointment.
Arlene 404-378-2203 after 6 PM EST during the week and after NOON on weekends & holidays









Before calling please read the information displayed below.

No calls BEFORE 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time during the weekdays.

Monday through Friday, after 6:00PM to 9:00PM, Atlanta, Ga. time. On the weekends between noon and 10:00PM. reasonable time 404-378-2203





*Pending means that we have a verbal commitment on this puppy.


For more information email me or call 404-378-2203

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